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 Advanced Life Support & Basic Life Support Ambulance Services for stretcher   
...and Non Emergency Wheelchair or Ambulatory Transportation


On behalf of the entire Ohio Medical Transport team, we thank you for considering us as your

medical transportation provider. We hope that you will join our many satisfied customers, provider
 networks and patients as we continue to service the economy's broad range of medical transportation needs.
Reliable professionals with a smile!  Ambulance service
   Transport Services      

Assisted Living / Nursing Facilities
Dialysis Centers
Family Outings
BWC Transportation
Critical Care
Concerts, Sporting events, other

Long Distance Medical Transports
(Cleveland Clinic / OSU Medical Center)

Vehicle Fleet


Air Conditioned
Clean / Sanitized
Regularly Maintained

ALS and BLS Ambulances
Wheelchair Lift/Ramp Vans    

Wheelchairs w/leg extensions
Cardiac 12 lead Montiors
Modern Straps/Harnesses
Bariatric Stretcher  
    Evacuation Stairchairs      
Ventilator Equipment
Hard to beat Ambulance and Wheelchair transport pricing with unbeatable, service and a Smile!!

Emergency Medical Transportation Services (EMS)

Advanced Life Support (ALS)

  • ACLS Paramedics
  • Advanced Airway Management
  • EMS Ventilator Capabilities
  • Surgical Cricothyrotomy
  • External Pacing
  • EKG cardiac monitoring
  • Intraosseous Infusion
  • Oxygen
  • Suction

Basic Life Support (BLS)

  • Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Advanced Medical Technicians
  • Basic Airway Management
  • Glucometer and AED equipment
  • Oxygen
  • Suction

Ambulance Stretcher   Ambulette van   Wheelchair

Fees are based on per ride - destination and miles traveled.
Transport pre-payment discount! See Below.
Call to check availability, primary service area, mileage add-ons, any special
equipment needed and pick-up location.
Thank You!

Dayton Ohio Ambulette service Ohio ambulette ambulance service miami montgomery county Ohio non-emergency wheelchair transportation

Emergency and Non-Emergency Medical Transport Services based near the Dayton Int'l Airport

Select Payment Method:

Note: Service fee discounts available for Payments made in advance
of Stretcher Services and Long distance Wheelchair Transports. Call our
main office @ (937) 877-1235 for
applicable pre-payment pricing discounts.

Transport Service Payment  Options

* Credit Cards accepted through protected PayPal site
* Check or cash also accepted

* Medicaid and Medicare Approved

All travel arrangements can be made by a phone call and email confirmation.

Our friendly, skilled staff are trained to courteously and efficiently assist clients and
their families with stretcher, wheelchair or ambulatory transportation.

MEDICAID Reimbursement Transports REQUIRE:

A Certificate of Medical Necessity Form

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services requires an Ambulette Certification of Medical Necessity or an Ambulance Certification of Medical Necessity form to be completed for certain situations. These forms are for practitioner certification of patient medical need for ambulette and ambulance transports. The forms ensure consistency with revisions to documentation
requirements in transportation rule 5101:3-15-02.

The attending practitioner, or a registered nurse signing for the attending practitioner with an
order from the attending practitioner, must complete form ODJFS 03452 (Ambulette) or
ODJFS 01960 (Ambulance) for each of the following medical transportation services.

  • Dialysis Treatment
  • Non-emergency ambulance or ambulette transportation
  • Transports to a physician's office
  • Outpatient treatment center
  • Outpatient testing

The appropriate Form (s) can be downloaded by clicking on the link (s) below:


In summary, basic life support (BLS), non-emergency or ambulette transports (excluding trips to
an emergency room or transports from hospital to hospital) will require these forms.  Even with a
signed Certificate of medical Necessity (CMN), a patient must have a medical necessity for all transports completed and signed by practitioner or appropriate discharge person.

 A CMN is not required for the following types of transports.

  • ALS and/or BLS ambulance transportation to a hospital emergency room
    in an emergency situation;


  • Ambulance or ambulette transfer of a non-ambulatory patient from one hospital to
    another hospital if the services provided at the
    second hospital are covered by Medicaid

If you have questions, please call our office at (937) 877-1235

Ambulance stretcher Click here to

* Call to Confirm Availability *

Transport Service Inquiry



Enter date of proposed transport
or Stretcher *

To & From:*
Enter Pick-up and Destination points and Times,
along with any special request transportation needs.
Contact Phone Number

Contact Name:
Contact Email:

Contact Information:
Ph: 937-877-1235
Fax: 937-877-1276

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 353

Tipp City, OH 45371

email addresses:  

Ohio non emergency medical transportation

2012 GMVEMS Council
Quick Reference Guide


Emergency and non emergency medical transportation company, Ohio ambulance and wheelchair transports for ambulette and private Ambulance service in Dayton, OH -Ohio Medical Transport Ambulance services is a Local Emergency and non emergency Medical transportation provider, Ohio Medical Transport provides ALS and BLS emergency Ambulance services in Dayton, OH -  Directions for  ambulances in Dayton-Ohio, OH Private Ambulance EMS stretcher service.  Ambulette & Ambulance services in OH.  Ambulance stretcher , and wheelchair Services in Dayton, OH - found at Local Yellow Pages  - Patient Ambulance Services  | Ambulance Services in Dayton, OH ambulette transport services & Ambulance Services in Troy, OH. Patient wheelchair transports. Find driving directions for ambulance services in West Milton,Tipp city, troy, springfield, dayton, vandalia, piqua, sidney, springfield, Urbana, New Carlisle. Wheelchair Transportation for Ohio BWC . ohio.Company regulated by OMTB, Ohio Medical Transportation Board. Stretcher transport services for dialysis and hospital to hospital transports.  Non emergency wheelchair,  EMS and stretcher medical transportation.   Non emergency company also specializes in wheelchair transportation for Ohio BWC. EMS stretcher services. Company approved by OMTB as an ohio ambulance and non emergency medical transportation provider. Stretcher  services are available . / Ambulance service and non emergency medical transportation.  Dayton International airport transportation for non emergency medical transportation from Dayton International airport. ohio,ambulance,EMS,non emergency, stretcher, medical transportation, transport,wheelchair, Dayton, Ohio,Airport, ALS, BLS,  MedCorp, Good Samaritan, Miami Valley,  hospitals. Tipp City OH . Ambulance Long distance medical transportation and critical care to or from Ohio. 
Ambulance service. Ohio Ambulance and non-emergency medical transportion near Dayton Ohio. Long distance ambulance stretcher transports to and from Ohio..
Long distance Non Emergency Medical Transportion and critical care transports. Ohio Ambulance company based near Dayton, OH
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